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agricultural applications

Our guiding philosophy is to create sustainability focused agricultural biotechnologies that work as drop-in components of real farms as they work today, without depending on large changes to how farms are run to show benefit and be widely adopted. Our company will build not just a tech portfolio, but an organization that understands how to shepherd agriculture through the transition to a sustainable future. We're starting with methane from enteric fermentation, a greenhouse gas source larger than shipping, air travel, and deforestation combined.

Farm animals are the world's largest source of methane, which they produce when they digest food. We are engineering feed crops like corn, canola, and soy that reduce methane emissions from animals that eat them by up to 98%. Adoption of our feed could avoid .3 degrees C of warming over the next two decades. Unlike other products that require feeding medicine or special supplements to cows, by making the right compounds directly within an animal feed crop, we cut processing, storage, and supply chain issues, without requiring any additional land (or sea) for production--plus, it's tasty to cows. Our practical advantages make Elysia's feed highly appealing to farmers, and we drive adoption through a profit-sharing program for carbon credits from reduced emissions, a 50+ billion dollar market.

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