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Elysia is solving one of the world's biggest problems: methane from livestock, which accounts for more global warming than shipping, air travel, and deforestation put together. To solve this problem we need a technology that reaches every corner of the earth quickly and easily. Our answer? Plants. By genetically engineering methane elimination tech into the feed crops that livestock already eat, we make it completely seamless for farmers of any type to cut their emissions in half.

Methane is a hot (heh) topic right now, with plenty of ideas and startups flying around out there. Elysia is the only company in the world working directly with the plants that animals eat a billion tons of every year, because we believe this is the way to solve problem at full scale: 100% enteric methane elimination everywhere on earth. We are building a visionary team that shares our uncompromising goal and isn't afraid to do hard stuff to get there. Check out the list of our needs below, and if you think you can help, send an email to
Metabolic engineers: All R&D positions should have a relevant PhD/MS or equivalent biohacker experience. Metabolic engineers should be familiar with genetic engineering of plant systems, especially nonmodel organisms, and/or development of multistep biosynthetic pathways for small molecules in any organism. Experience with tailored gene regulation is a strong plus.
Analytical chemists: Experienced in targeted and untargeted GC-MS/FID methods for environmental or biological samples. Familiarity with headspace analysis and quantitative methods for low-concentration metabolites a strong plus.
Animal scientists/microbiologists: Deep experience working with methanogenic microbes, ideally in the context of the rumen microbiome. Familiarity with ruminant ex vivo rumen fluid studies a strong plus. Past on-farm experience with ruminant nutrition is ideal. Must not be afraid of insects (ask us why).
Plant scientists: Able to work with model and non-model crops in lab and greenhouse settings.
Experience with tissue culture and elite varieties of corn, sorghum, and canola a plus. Familiarity with transgenic screening from basic marker segregation up to NGS-based molecular characterization is ideal. There is room to work at the level of technician or R&D scientist according to experience.
Business development: Hands-on experience in seeds, grain, animal feed, or animal nutrition business lines. Deep familiarity with drivers of the US agricultural markets and a strong contact network. The ideal candidate is familiar with carbon/methane reduction programs and has experience commercializing a new product or working in a startup environment.
We prize excellent communication skills in all members of our team. You should revel in breaking the boundaries of your past technical background and be driven by the scale of the impact your work will make on the world. There is potential for the right person, who can step up to take responsibility for helping build the company and represent it to investors and the world, to join the leadership team in a CXO/VP role.
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